Solid Waste Expertise On Demand

To solve this problem, producers and consumers need a real time, location-based answer when they ask CAN I RECYCLE THIS.

CIRT is a recycling technology platform that gives retailers, brands, and consumers on-demand, location-specific information about how and where to recycle materials. Whether it's packaging or single-use items, we want to get materials where they belong. We do this via a B2B API for recyclability mapping and procurement and a consumer-facing app. This allows for a more predictable, less contaminated stream, and ultimately less waste.

The CIRT Platform collects and analyzes the data associated with hundreds of thousands of products and their packaging to ultimately inform brands on packaging redesign and/or replacement.

Our goal is to increase recycling rates, first in the United States, then across the globe, reduce contamination, direct the capture of post-consumer material for reuse and, in doing so, keep recyclable materials out of our oceans and the environment.

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