Unlock packaging’s potential for good.

Our suite of tools empowers you to understand and improve your packaging footprint for people, planet & profit.

Data Driven Recommendations

Aggregate & manage data in one location.

Assess packaging material acceptability per recycling program by digitizing packaging units.

Create supply chain efficiencies and keep stakeholders/suppliers aligned with sustainability goals.

Collaborate with team members and partners to track ESG goals and Scope 3 emissions targets.
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Circular Packaging Intel & Benchmarking

Stay up to date on materials recovery information.

Mitigate risk and stay up to date on the shifting regulatory landscape for local, state & national recycling.

Keep track of packaging attributes
for compliance, logistics, and marketing purposes.

Recirculate packaging material
for bottomline savings by diverting valuable materials from landfill.
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Communication & Market Differentiation

Connect with your customers and team members.

Show the market your commitment to sustainability by guiding customers and consumers to recycle properly. Integrate CIRT into your apps, websites & ERP systems to make circularity a cornerstone of your message.
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Use Case

On-Pack QR Code

Can I recycle this? It’s easy to get confused. That’s why CIRT provides QR code generation functionality for your packaging that customers can scan (no special app required) to quickly answer this question. When consumers scan the CIRT QR code, they will see instructions on what to do with each part of your packaging, based on their current location. This on-pack integration increases visibility for your brand’s sustainability efforts among current and future customers, literally linking your packaging and logo to the first digitized circularity solution! This ongoing data collection point delivers ongoing insight into customer behavior.
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CIRT Check

Scanning the QR code takes you to a CIRT Check page, which provides location-specific instructions for how to properly handle packaging at the end of consumer use. CIRT Check can also be embedded on any website to provide a seamless experience to customers.
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API & Systems Integration

Our API allows sophisticated integrations with sales, marketing, and operations. And our reporting capabilities provide never before seen insights into your packaging portfolio.
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