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Recyclability is not universal.

Recycling is one of the most accessible and effective actions people can take to reduce their environmental impact. Recycling keeps waste out of landfills and the environment, conserves resources, and reduces CO2 output. The problem is that the question “CAN I RECYCLE THIS?” has a different answer depending on location.

Recycling standards vary from place to place. What’s recyclable in one city might be trash in another city. For example, [insert example using neighboring cities]. This means that many well-intentioned people are unknowingly contaminating waste streams with materials that are not recyclable in their area. 

Workers at recycling facilities sort out contamination, but they can only do so much. When contamination reaches a certain threshold, the whole waste stream must be diverted to a landfill. This means that otherwise recyclable materials are going to waste.


Solid Waste Expertise On Demand

To solve this problem, producers and consumers need a real time location-based answer when they ask CAN I RECYCLE THIS.

Can I Recycle This (CIRT) is a Recycling Technology Platform that gives consumers, brands, and retailers on-demand, location-specific information about how and where to recycle material thus capturing more recyclables and having less contamination in the recycling stream. 

The CIRT Platform collects and analyzes data of millions of products and their packaging to ultimately inform brands on packaging redesign and/or replacement.

Our goal is to increase recycling rates all over the United States saving US cities millions of dollars in waste management, capture post-consumer material for reuse and keep recyclable materials out of our oceans and the environment.

Mobile Application + API

Our mobile application gives the public access to the CIRT “brain,” while our API provides access for producers and retailers. 

The app will be available on all common platforms and devices. It allows users to submit photos, scan barcodes, or search to get a real time response to CAN I RECYCLE THIS.

We believe that by providing tools for consumers and producers, we can address this problem at all points of the product life cycle.

30+ Years at the Forefront of Solid Waste Research

Katherine Shayne, founder, received her Master’s Degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Georgia, where she also earned her B.S. in Environmental Engineering. Katherine worked in environmental sustainability focused on global materials management and marine plastic litter for the Jambeck Research Group and UGA New Materials Institute. She has a passion for bridging science and technology with business and mitigation strategies in communities, especially in terms of waste management and new materials. 

Dr. Jenna Jambeck, founder, is the Georgia Athletic Association Distinguished Professor in Environmental Engineering at the University of Georgia, Head of the Circularity Informatics Lab, Lead of the Center for Circular Materials Management in the New Materials Institute, a National Geographic Fellow, and co-Lead of Sea to Source Expedition: Ganges. She has over 24 years of experience in Solid waste Management and 19 years of experience working directly in Marine Litter/Plastic Pollution.

Katherine Shayne

Co-Founder & CEO

Dr. Jenna Jambeck


Christian Foster

Business Development

Jennifer Davidson

Project Management

Mark Babcock

Marketing & Design

Science + Passion

We are outside people. We want to save the world because we want to keep exploring it. Climate change and plastic pollution pose real threats to the lands and waters we love.

So yes, we want to save the world because it’s the right thing to do, but we’d be dishonest if we didn’t admit that we also want to save our playground!

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