Project Manager

Starting Salary:
$50,000 annual

Project Manager Job Description:

The Project Manager is responsible for on-time delivery of software features and products at CIRT. This person works as a partner to the development team, creating and enforcing workflows that lead to efficient and high-quality throughput of code. The Project Manager interfaces between the business team and development team, facilitating the scoping and road mapping of technical work, and ensuring that the development team has the necessary resources to deliver updates on time.

Project Management (90%)

The Project Manager is responsible for organizing and specifying work related to software development. In the role of project manager this person tracks deadlines, deliverables, and task assignments among all members of the CIRT team but especially him/herself, and the UI and Backend Developers. Working in Asana with an agile methodology, the project Manager will run Agile Ceremony meetings such as daily standup, Sprint Planning, and Sprint Review and Retrospective. They will also facilitate scoping discussions for new development Epics. The Project Manager will write user stories and acceptance criteria for all development tasks in Asana, as well as recording tech notes on these same tasks. This person will interface frequently with the business team, ensuring that development work is meeting business requirements and that priorities between the two teams are aligned. The Project Data Manager is ultimately responsible for planning project sprints and ensuring the on-time delivery of major development/database milestones.

Miscellaneous Tasks as Assigned (10%)

The Project Manager is responsible for helping developers to work through any blockers that are preventing them from making progress on work. This may mean assisting in the creation of mock-ups in Figma, writing technical documentation, researching solutions to technical issues, and other tasks. The Project Manager should be ready and willing to lend a hand to the developers with tasks such as these which accelerate the development pipeline.

Required Skills

  • Eligible to legally work in the U.S.
  • Willingness to learn and implement CIRT’s workflows and processes
  • Attention to detail and logical thinking skills
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Helpful Skills

  • Experience with Agile methodology for software development
  • Understanding of Asana, Confluence, Lucidchart, and Figma
  • Background in product road mapping
  • Knowledge of the market for SaaS products


CIRT is an employee-first business that prioritizes sustainability and wellness.

  • We offer flexible work schedules for employees so that they can balance the demands of their mental/emotional wellbeing, other commitments, family, friends, and fitness.
  • Every CIRT employee is eligible for $1,000 and three days of PTO for medical reasons. This reimbursement and PTO will be provided on a no-questions-asked basis in order to protect employee privacy.
  • All of our employees work from home offices, and we have meetings either over Google Meet, Slack, or in-person at the Delta Innovation Hub at University of Georgia. We encourage employees to practice sustainable purchasing and responsible resource management at home, and to bike, rideshare, or walk to in-person meetings.
  • We pay every employee for up to 10 hours of approved community service each year, and host community service work days so that employees have many opportunities to give back to their community.
  • For full-time employees we offer a progressive parental leave policy of 8 weeks for primary caregivers and 4 weeks for secondary caregivers, two weeks paid vacation per year, and five days of sick leave, all of which are eligible for rollover.

Decision Making Authority

The Project Manager has the authority to do the following without receiving confirmation from the executive team:

  • Spend company money and seek reimbursement for purchases (usually for dev team meals when running a hackathon, or for SaaS platforms requested by the dev team)
  • Create internal workflows and employee processes
  • Adjust the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)
  • Plan dev team events such as hackathons
  • Set deadlines, the definition of done, and acceptance criteria for the development team

The Project Manager does not have the authority to do the following without receiving confirmation from the executive team:

  • Make hiring decisions
  • Expose CIRT’s data or code to external agencies or individuals
  • Discuss client work with external agencies or individuals
  • Alter the legal arrangements made between CIRT and its clients and employees
  • Create and actualize product roadmaps
  • Determine what Epics are prioritized for development work

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