January 6, 2022

CIRT, Jittery Joe's, & Widespread Panic

Jittery Joe’s Coffee has partnered with local Athens start-up Can I Recycle This? (CIRT), a recycling technology platform, to deliver hyper-local recycling information to coffee drinkers nationwide. A QR code with hyper-local recycling information is now on all Jittery Joe’s coffee cans sold in-store and online, allowing customers to scan the code and instantly receive recycling instructions for their area from Gigi, the company’s green-minded virtual assistant. 

When the good people at another local Athens institution, Widespread Panic, found out about CIRTs innovative green tech, they jumped on board with a special run of their Jittery Joe’s roasted Panic pack, which includes Proving Grounds & Up All Night coffees to be shipped with the CIRT QR code to their many fans all over the country.  

“We started CIRT because our research group kept getting the same question over and over from confused and environmentally conscious citizens coast-to-coast. We wanted to meet people where they were, to take the guesswork out of recycling and get them the real-time, accurate information they were seeking. At the end of the d11.5ay, we want to boost recycling rates, decrease contamination and begin to move the needle in a way that static labeling just can’t deliver.”

— Katherine Shayne, Founder & CEO

“Responsible and sustainable packaging is a priority for Jittery Joe's Coffee. The ability to communicate the recycling process for our coffee containers to our customers, no matter the location, is a major part of this initiative. As a result, we are excited to announce we have partnered with CIRT in a campaign to raise awareness and clarity around reuse & recycling. Based in our hometown of Athens, we believe that CIRT is the leading player in this evolving industry, providing unparalleled insight, expertise, and data in assisting companies with their recycling strategy - improving both our environmental and economic impact.”

— Michael Ripps, co-owner, Jittery Joe’s

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