Ashley Clarke

Media Manager

Ashley is a content and digital marketing expert with experience in everything from boosting books to marketing mulch, cultivating compost, reanimating real estate and accelerating apps. She also likes alliteration but understands it may be a bit much for some people’s taste, so instead she focuses on sustainable and authentic storytelling in new media.

She is an alumna of the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism & Mass Communication, where she specialized in emerging media and video production, with a B.A. in Mass Media Arts and a certificate from the New Media Institute.

Since graduating, she has worked as the Content & Digital Marketing Manager at Deeds Creative, and is thrilled to be joining the rest of the team at CIRT.

In her free time, Ashley spends time with her two dogs (8 legs, 3 eyes, and 1.5 brains), poorly practices aerial silks and trapeze, and plays a lot of video games with her likewise nerdy friends.

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