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Help the communities you serve bring you the right materials.

Join the CIRT Recycling Network as we build the world’s most comprehensive database of recycling information to help us keep recoverable materials out of landfills, the environment and our ocean!

If you are affiliated with a Materials Recovery Facility, local government, recycling hauler, or are a materials recovery professional, please fill out the following form below to join the CIRT recycling survey mail list!

After joining the mailing list, you will be sent a short survey every three months about what materials are recyclable in your area. This survey helps CIRT provide up-to-date and accurate recycling & recovery information. Having the most accurate information means residents in your area have a clear picture of what to put in their recycling bin — lowering contamination and saving money in your jurisdiction and for the waste management industry in your area! We look forward to hearing from you and tackling the road to recoverability together!

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