Meet Gigi.

CIRT is a SaaS platform that enables retailers and their consumers to determine the recyclability of products and packaging based on their location. Can they recycle it?  If so, how & where?  Or is it, in fact, destined for the landfill?  Gigi, CIRT’s brain, is a location-based database that delivers customers the information they need to get their packaging to the right place.
Gigi helps producers increase the recyclability of their products through detailed analytics on where their product is being sold and the recycling rules in those locations.  Producers can then have real data to make informed decisions about whether their materials can  be reused, or if there is a need to redesign and/or replace.  And Gigi can help their consumers know how to responsibly dispose of products at the end of life. 

Gigi is connecting your products to where they are accepted, giving you confidence in communicating with your customers about the recyclability of your products.


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